Ejaz Yousafi

Ejaz Yousafi is a professional artist, who's working on landscape for more than a decade. Also specialized in calligraphy and portrait. He started his career in 1999, his brother Ustad Haji Riaz Baig became his first mentor, then under the supervision of Ustad Ehsan Qalamqar he learned portrait and Anatomy. In 2014, he started practicing calligraphy under supervision of Ustad Wajid Mehmood Yaqoot Raqam. His calligraphy won a national competition in 2018. His portraits are displayed at Lyallpur museum. After achieving a great success in both fields, he felt the urge to paint landscape. His solo show “the Faisalabad series” was in Storia art gallery, and he participated in a few other group shows and been a part of many TV shows.